Medic 10

Medic 10 is an ambulance housed at Station 10, the unit is composed of a Ford F-450 chassis and a Horton box and is powered by a 6.7 liter diesel engine.

Brush 10

Brush 10 is used on fires that are unpassable by other apparatus like our engine and truck. It accomplishes this with its 6.4 turbo diesel engine. The brush truck has a wide variety of equipment on board (listed below.)

200 Gallons of water is carried in a poly tank

20 Gallons of foam carried in a poly tank

200' of 1" forestry line is kept rolled up for use on hard-to-reach fires.

200' of 1" hose is pre-connected to the pump for rapid use

The water pump is a 20hp Kohler engine coupled to a 250gpm pump.

Buck stop bumpers on the front and rear protect the truck from damage

Brush 10 is equipped with a 12,000k pound winch

Rescue Engine 10

North Warren's rescue engine is used for automotive crashes, structural fires and brush fires (when possible.) The rescue engine is a Sutphen Monarch made in 2022 and recently delivered to the department. This was made possible because of public donations. Its stats and information are listed below:

In the rear hose bed 1,000 feet of 4" LDH supply line in housed

700 feet of 3" supply line is available for a mobile monitor or blitz (Mobile water cannon.)

400' 1-3/4" long stretch hose with SB

200' 2-1/2" hose with SB

200' 1-3/4" hose speedlays x 2

On the front bumper 150 feet of 1 3/4" line is kept for vehicle fires and other small fires.

25 feet of 4" LDH supply hose is housed for connections to hydrants on the front bumper

Ladder Truck 10

The ladder truck owned by Warren County Fire and Rescue is a 2012 Smeal Quint with a detroit motor. This engine has a 105ft aerial ladder, on that ladder is a water cannon that can output 2000 gallons of water per minute. The internal capacity for Ladder 10 is 480 gallons of water. 


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