Our Origin

North Warren has a long and valiant history. We encourage volunteers to know where and how this station came to be.

About us

Welcome to the North Warren Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department located in Warren County Virginia. On June 21, 1997, forty individuals from the Rockland area met and voted to establish a new Fire Department for the northern part of Warren County. Officially known as North Warren Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company 10, the Company received its approval from the Board of Supervisors and a charter from the State on October 10, 1997. After being granted a Charter from the State, the search was on for a place to call "Home". During this search period and even after finding our first "Home" Monthly meetings and departmental business were conducted at several of the local churches. During our search, Mr. and Mrs. John Payne stepped up to assist the department. They donated the use of their building located at 522 North. The building owned by the Paynes became the first home for NWVFR. 

By March of 1998 with the backing of Dupont, plans were presented for a new building to be located on the Dupont property. A plan of action, outlining the process for the funding and development of the new station was adopted by the Board of Supervisors for the station on December 20, 2000.  Thus the building project became a three-way commitment between the County, Industry, and Community. On March 2, 2002, a groundbreaking ceremony was held with members of the community, Company 10, the Board of Supervisors and County staff, business and industry representatives, and the Lantz Construction Company. 

Construction began in April of 2002. The station had its Grand Opening on October 6, 2002. Unfortunately, four months later, the beautiful new station suffered a partial collapse due to the weight of a February snowstorm.  Once again, Mr. and Mrs. Payne came to the rescue with the use of their building which was the "Original" home of the department. With the immediate use of the "Payne" building and countless sacrifices from members and the community, North Warren VFR was back up and running out of the old location within 36 hours, all this during the storm.  The new station was rebuilt and another Grand Opening was held on March 26, 2004. Today, Company 10 responds to approximately 1700 calls a year using a combination of Career and Volunteer fire and rescue personnel.

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