Flash the Cat

Flash's History

Flash was first spotted in our parking lot in 2023, he was fed and given a makeshift house as the temperatures were extremely volatile. The first attempt to make Flash comfortable with people was made by FIrefighter Hanlon.  Over time, Flash has become more comfortable with the personnel of NWVFR and visitors. Flash has become a local celebrity of Station 10, with people asking about him frequently.  In 2024, Flash was officially voted in as a support member of North Warren. 

How did Flash get his name? Flash started as "the orange one" as there were multiple cats in the area. Since then, Flash was the only one who stuck around, and he was given the name in reference to the fire phenomenon known as "flash over" due to his bright orange coat. 

How did Flash get here? Flash's history up to his arrival is largely unknown, it has been theorized that he was a stray cat that ended up wandering, but others have stated that he has lived on his own for most of his life. Either way, Flash has become a prominent figure of the station.

How can I support Flash? Flash's food is paid for with the salary of NWVFR and WCFR firefighters and donations of cat food are always appreciated. 

It should be noted that Flash is a wild cat, so visitors are encouraged to approach him slowly, and with caution.

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